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If you are interested in enrolling your child at Salisbury Park then you are invited to visit the school, speak to the front office manager and do the following:

  • Stage One - Pick up an enrolment pack which outlines the curriculum, various policies and procedures and a Registration of Interest to Enrol form to fill out. This is then passed on to the Principal

  • Stage Two - The Principal will then contact you to set up a Pre-enrolment meeting so that you can take a tour of the school and raise any questions or queries. This time is also available for the Principal to raise any questions or concerns he may have before enrolling the child. Remember, honesty is the best policy here for all parties concerned. It is better for you and your child to be honest about any learning or behaviour needs at this meeting as this will help you and your child to settle in with the best level of support possible.

  • Stage Three - Once all queries and concerns have been discussed and both parties are happy then parents will be given a Student Enrolment Form from the Principal. Student Enrolment Forms can only be given by the Principal once stage one and stage two have been satisfied.

  • Stage Four - Parents complete and leave the form with the school, organise school uniforms etc. and then the child will begin in their designated class two days after the enrolment form has been received. This allows the Principal to speak with the classroom teacher about organising desk space, locker, student log-ins, books etc. so that their transition to school is a smooth one.

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