Pathways to Success
Belonging, Honesty,

Fairness and Respect
Reception to Year 7
Teaching the Future

Leaders of our Society


Now accepting enrolments in specific year levels R-7.

Contact - Graham Elliott or Mary McDeed on 08 8281 6422 for details.

Salisbury Park Primary school is framed by Australian gum trees in the heart of Salisbury Park.

The school caters for students from Reception to Year 7 and offers students a well-balanced and engaging curriculum aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Specialist subjects offered to our students during 2017 include:


 Health and Physical Education


 Visual Arts

Our core values include: Belonging, Honesty, Fairness and Respect and these are woven through every aspect of school life at Salisbury Park. 

Salisbury Park Primary School is focused on the following learning areas in an effort to improve outcomes for our students:

 Literacy (Reading, Reading Comprehension
      and Writing)


 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Salisbury Park Primary School has a purpose built annexe on the main site to cater for students with a range of disabilities.  Find out more...




Salisbury Park Primary School offers its staff challenging, rewarding and supportive opportunities to extend their skills, knowledge and experience.

It allows them to make meaningful and lasting differences in the lives of students and their families. Our school provides students with engaging, challenging and supportive learning opportunities to build their knowledge, skills and experience and prepare for current and future challenges and pathways to success. 

It offers our parent community a range of opportunities to get involved and work in partnership with staff in teaching and supporting the future leaders of our society.

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