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Salisbury Park Primary School - Reception - Year 7 - Belonging, Honesty, Fairness & Respect
Salisbury Park Primary School - Pathways to Success

Principal's Welcome

When selecting a school for your child you must make many decisions. Acknowledging this I am pleased to see that you are considering Salisbury Park Primary School as a possible option for your child.

At Salisbury Park Primary School we are committed to bringing our school values of Respect, Honesty, Fairness and Belonging to life through our daily interactions with one another. The school values are taught explicitly, explored when we make mistakes and acknowledged daily as we share the learning journey together. Our school values are embraced by students from 5 -13 years of age. Staff and parents see our values as significant, as they provide a framework for how we want to be treated and how we are willing to treat others. When we embrace our school values we create optimum conditions for learning.

At Salisbury Park Primary School we are committed to improving the learning outcomes for your child. We place a strong emphasis on ongoing staff training and development so that your child’s learning journey is tailored to meet the National Standards for learning. The staff at Salisbury Park are friendly, caring, highly committed and provide excellent role models for the young children in their care.
At Salisbury Park Primary School we understand that learning also needs to be fun and engaging and many of our whole school community events embrace this philosophy. Harmony Day, Book Week and Sports Day are a few examples of how we invite you to share in the exciting journey that is your child’s education.

I am very passionate about providing the best possible education for your child and together we can embrace our school motto of ‘Pathways to Success’ for your child. I encourage you to explore our website further and find out more about our schools learning priorities and policies. Please email or ring if you have any further queries or questions.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Salisbury Park Primary School Community.

Shane Cowey